Annnnd April comes to a close.

In order to prepare for the next chapter and other exciting features, Cans of Beans will go on a hiatus for a few weeks. So that means I’m opening up for Guest Art & Comics! If you were reading this comic way back when CoB used to be hosted on another website, I used to do Guest Art week in-between chapters, and now I’m excited to open this up again.


  • This is not a contest or competition, this is just for fun.
  • All entries must be Cans of Beans-related, depicting at least one of the CoB characters. Crossovers are okay!
  • No NSFW entries, please. Mild cheesecake and fluff is fine!
  • Illustrations, fan-comics, and fanfics are all accepted.
  • All experience levels are welcomed.
  • Please e-mail all entries to with your preferred display name and a link to where we can find your artwork (optional)

This is a rolling deadline until I have a concrete date when Cans of Beans will be back to its normal update schedule. I’ll start posting fanwork next week. Thank you in advance!