Wow, it’s finished.


I’ve honestly been dreading the day I’d write this post. Cans of Beans has been a massive part of my life for 8(!!!) years, created at a time of my life where these characters, themes, and storylines clicked with me. My overall outlook in life has evolved over these years, but for some reason I stayed true to my original intent (even down to my refusal to heavily promote my own work–jeez). This comic was authentic to who I was back when I was still in college; I’m glad to finally finish this story and close this chapter of my life.

To all my readers, fans, friends, and confidants, thank you for taking this journey with me. I know Carl, Dude, Billy, etc. are all special to you and it fills me with joy when I hear how much you see yourselves in these characters! Whether you relate to Carl’s emotional toil over falling in love or Dude’s trouble letting go of the past, I’m happy you care this deeply about these characters. So again, thank you. <3


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