When does Cans of Beans update?

Fridays, usually around 10 AM PST unless noted on my Tumblr/Twitter. I would love to update more, but I have a job and other day-to-day life events.

How can I contact you?


Who are you?

My name is Tamara. I was born and raised in Southern California all my life, and I graduated from Laguna College of Art & Design, majoring in animation. I’m currently working at Telltale Games as a cinematic artist!

Do you take commissions?

Absolutely! Contact me through cansofbeanscomic@gmail.com for a price estimate. I’ll do illustrations, comic pages, and even animation, if that’s what your heart desires.

Is this a long-form comic?

Yes. The comic is divided by “months,” starting with September. Each month has a scene or scenes from that time frame. They’re basically chapters.

What is this comic’s genre?

Comedy-drama, with a slice-of-life slant.

Is this a Yaoi/BL story?

Maybe? It’s about two guys who grow closer to each other. If that falls under your definition of Yaoi/BL, then sure.

No, really, do Dude and Carl ever get together?

All I will say is that this comic slowly unfolds their story together. It’s a buddy story that goes deeper, not straight-up romance.

Does this contain adult material?

There is cussing (especially in the later chapters) and some sexual innuendo. This is about college guys, after all!

Will there be sex scenes?

There are sexual scenarios, but they are either implied or played off for laughs. It’s not that kind of comic, trust me.

Will this be available in print?

I have plans for Cans of Beans to be in-print. At the moment, it’s available online exclusively.

What do you use to make your comics?

From Pages 1-86: Adobe Photoshop CS3 (for thumbnailing, sketching and coloring), and Manga Studio EX4 (for inking).

From Pages 87+, Manga Studio 5 (now known as Clip Studio Paint Pro) for everything, with some Adobe Photoshop CS6 for additional touch-ups.

I used to use an Intuos4, but have since switched to a Yiynova tablet monitor. I also use a Surface Book. For writing, I used CeltX and OneNote.

What started Cans of Beans and when did you start writing it?

Carl and Dude were originally throwaway characters for a 30-second thriller-comedy animated short for my Animation 2 class. The two characters (especially Carl) were well received by my peers, but I kept them on the backburner for about half a year. Around October 2011, I had a very vivid dream involving these two. I spent the next 3 months fleshing out the story, and then I spent another 3 weeks writing the script. Technically, I finished the script back in December 2011, but I’m still making minor tweaks to the wording.

Why is it called Cans of Beans?

Going back to how Carl and Dude were originally animated characters, in my short, there was a point where Dude trips over a can of beans. I’ve called it that ever since. Is there a more meaningful reason behind the name? Sure, why not.

Will you link/promote my comic/website?

Depends if I know you or like your work. Just be awesome and let me stumble on it.

Can I draw fanart/fancomics for Cans of Beans?

Absolutely! If you do draw fanart, I would love to see it and add it to the Fanart section. Fanart makes my day! Please make sure to email it to cansofbeanscomics@gmail.com. Or, tag me on Tumblr @cansofbeans

Can I write fanfics for Cans of Beans?

Of course! Same as the fanart, if you do write a fanfic, I would love to read it. It will also go into the Fanart section.

Can Carl and Dude make a cameo in my comic?

Sure! Let me know if you do. Also, in case I want to promote it around. 🙂

Do you accept guest comics/art?

I do on a seasonal basis. I will usually throw out an announcement when I need them on my Tumblr, so keep an eye peeled there. Sometimes life throws me a curveball, and I’m very grateful for any guest comics I get! They will be featured for on hiatus week(s), and then moved to the Guest Comic/Art after my hiatus is over.

Why didn’t you respond to my comment?!

Generally speaking, I don’t respond to comments on older pages (within the last 3 updates). I try to respond to everybody, but sometimes I’m too busy. I read everybody’s comments though, don’t worry. 🙂

Why does everyone have 4-fingered hands?

Cans of Beans has a major cartoon aesthetic, and many cartoons I admire have 4-fingers. 5-fingers might be “correct,” but I prefer the toony conventions for this comic’s style. They’re just really fun to draw!

Do you like canned refried beans?

They’re alright.